Science Fika

What are the ultimate elements that constitute the matter in our universe? What gives origin to shining stars and black holes? How many worlds are there? What are the mechanisms that can deteriorate our health and eventually lead to disease? What are the secret forces that drove simple chemical compounds to form more complex molecules that ultimately created life on Earth? The universe uses humanity to answer these questions. Science is one of the ways the universe uses to interrogate itself. And to pose the final question: why there is something rather than nothing?

A different kind of fika

Come and enjoy some coffee and science!
The Science Fika is a recurring event where we share our passion for science and talk about different topics in easy-to-understand language. At each event a speaker will have a 20 minutes presentation about a scientific concept, to stimulate your curiosity and to show you the beauty of science. We will provide free fika after the presentation, giving you the opportunity to mingle and discuss in a more informal way. So welcome, sit back and enjoy some exciting science!

Upcoming Fikas

There are no upcoming events.

Past Fikas

Oct 9, 2022
Time: 14:00
Location: Uppsala Stadsbiblioteket – Mallas salen
Speaker: Amelia Dahlén
Language: Swedish

The brains gateway

Between the blood vessels of the body and the brain there is a barrier that protects our brain from infections, but it can also prevent drugs from entering. Come and learn more about how the blood-brain barrier sorts what gets into the brain, and what gets left out.
Oct 1, 2022
Time: 14:00
Location: Uppsala Stadsbiblioteket – Mallas salen
Speaker: Mélissa Gentreau
Language: English

What food for a healthy brain?

How does the food we eat determine how well our brain functions ? Learn more about the effects of nutrients and diets on our brains and what types of food to choose for aging with a healthy brain.