Science Fika is group of PhD students that is interested in bringing science to the general public. The aim of the Science Fika to inform people about new and exciting research that is being done, and hopefully inspire people to take part in research as well.

The Science Fika committee currently run by three PhD students:
Oreste Affatato, Amelia Dahlén, and Markus de Ruijter (and many volunteers that help us with the Fika itself)

We are eager to expand our committee. If you wish to participate, please contact us at info@sciencefika.se

Similar communities

Open Science Uppsala
Open Science is the application of the scientific method in the most transparent way possible, such as Open Access papers, Open (and FAIR) Data, Open Code, open peer-review, preregistration and registered reports, resulting in research that is (more likely to be) reproducible. This group discusses the pros and cons of Open Science by means of discussing papers and inviting speakers.
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